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Bev specializes in longer hair styles, but she can also deliver a beautiful bob or shorter cut. Her favorite part of being a hair stylist is doing color of all kinds! Whether it's a balayage, ombre, bleach out, or vivid color, Bev is always going to kill it. She is also certified in tape-in hair extensions. She goes above and beyond for every client, and most of her clients have been with her since the start. Many are her friends or "friends of friends" outside the salon. Bev is the biggest sweetheart, and it seems like she knows just about everyone or they know her!

Bev is currently on maternity leave and planning to be back behind the chair the first week of June. Stay tuned!

**If you are a current client of Bev's, contact us to get in with the best stylist to meet your hair needs. We're in constant contact with Bev, and she is giving us guidance on all of her clients**

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