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Our beauty crew



Kori leads our assisting team and is responsible for managing our inventory and coordinating with our distributors and educators. She's also a licensed cosmetologist, able to assist the stylists with client services. Fun fact : She's an excellent cook, famous for her delicious empanadas.

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Madi is our daytime assistant and is also a licensed cosmetologist. She assists the stylists with client services, even occasionally taking clients of her own. Outside of the salon, she has a passion for cheerleading, and is now a high school cheer coach.



Parker was our very first assistant, and as she's also Angie's daughter, she'll likely be with us for many years to come. She knows how to do just about everything in the salon, but instead of pursuing a career in hair, she's planning to go into nursing, with a goal of being a medical esthetician, as well as offering fillers, injections, etc. Stay tuned for her progress!



Morgan is a part time assistant, only with us one day a week. She's a licensed cosmetologist, but instead of pursuing a career in hair, she went into restaurant management. Fun fact : Madi is her big sister, making them one of our three familial duos.



Ava is a part time assistant. She's still in high school and is planning to go to college after graduating next year. She has an amazing, bubbly personality, and she's very interested in learning about everything we do in the salon. Fun fact : Ava's mom has been a friend/client of Angie's for close to 20 years, and Ava was also a client of Angie's before becoming an employee.



Emma is a part time assistant and can typically be easily spotted by being our employee with the most vibrant hair. She's the quietest of us all, but is a great addition to the team, always willing to do whatever task is asked of her. Fun fact : Emma was a Parlour client turned employee, and most of her family are Parlour clients, as well, most of them going to Gabrielle

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