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Treat Yourself

We're so proud to provide our clients with these industy leading treatments, available as an add on to any color or cutting service. Ask your stylist about which one may be right for you, and treat yourself to gorgeous, HEALTHY hair.

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Plex uses Wella's exclusive technology consisting of an Opti pH System that helps reconstruct inner hair bonds for stronger hair during and after lightening and color services, while also ensuring perfect lifting & color results.

The No. 1 Bond Maker is added to our formula to help reconstruct inner hair bonds during your service. It has a unique pH of 9, perfectly matching the pH of Wella Professionals lightening & color products, enabling optimal lift and penetration of dye molecules while reconstructing bonds simultaneously.

The No. 2 Bond Stabilizer, applied after rinsing, further strengthens the hair bonds and rebalances the pH factor. 

**The No. 3 Bond Stabilizer Home Treatment is highly recommended to maintain results and is available for purchase at an additional cost**



 Powered by the K18PEPTIDE™ to reconnect broken polypeptide chains and disulfide bonds to renew strength and elasticity in just 4 minutes.

What It Does

• The K18PEPTIDE™ works at the innermost layer of hair, reconnecting polypeptide chains and disulfide bonds broken during lightening, chemical services, and through heat damage. By addressing these damage sites at the innermost layer of hair, core strength and elasticity are renewed for strong, smooth, bouncy hair—even after the most extreme damage.

• pH level of 7.5-8.0 shifts the cuticle layer open to deliver the K18PEPTIDE™ to damage sites on the molecular level, working on every hair type

• Vegan, color-safe, cruelty-free

 With just one salon treatment using the K18 PRO Service (PRO mist + PRO mask), hair is restored up to:

• 91% original strength*

• 94% original elasticity*

**The K18 Leave In Molecular Repair Mask is HIGHLY recommended for at home maintenance and is available for purchase at an additional cost**

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Metal Detox

Everyone has metals in their hair.

• The cause: Metals erode in our pipes, mixing with our water and ultimately accumulating inside the hair fiber.

• The consequences: When metal particles mix with hair color and lightener oxidants, they can lead to unreliable color results and breakage.

• The solution: Metal Detox.

What It Does

• Netralizes metal before a color, balayage or lightening service.

• Provides 87% less breakage.

• Delivers 100% reliable color results.

• Gently removes metals from the hair.

**The Metal Detox shampoo, conditioner, and/or mask are recommended for at-home use, especially for clients with well water, and are available for purchase**


Keratherapy Color Lock & Smooth

Color Lock & Smooth Keratin Treatment Spray is the hottest new service in professional salons today.

Unique 2 in 1 Formula:

- Used after color or highlighting services, locks color in and prevents fading.

- Express Keratin Treatment provides frizz and curl control.


- Unsurpassed frizz control

- Amazing shine

- Healthier hair

- Humidity barrier for 4 weeks

- Faster blow dry and styling time

**Keratherapy Shampoo and Conditioner recommended for at-home use and are available for purchase at an additional cost**

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