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An Outstanding Experience

At our salon, we thrive on providing each and every client who walks through the door with the best possible service we can offer. Our policies are in place to ensure everyone is guaranteed the same, high quality Parlour experience. 

Quality Guarantee:

All chemical and cutting services are guaranteed for one week. We do NOT offer refunds for any reason, but will REDO the service free of charge for any technical issue. The issue must be brought to our attention within ONE WEEK of the original service date. 

**client's change of mind and/or potential complications discussed during consultation (example: corrective color situations where the client was already informed that a certain level of lift or outcome couldn't be predicted/guaranteed) are NOT covered by our guarantee. We will gladly schedule a new appointment for the desired change, but the service will be charged per our regular price list.**


While we understand that life can be unpredictable, we ask that all appointments be cancelled or rescheduled with AT LEAST 24 hours notice. If 2 or more appointments are cancelled/rescheduled on short notice by the same client within the same year, we will require a NONREFUNDABLE deposit for future appointments in the amount of 50% of the scheduled service price. For habitual cancellations beyond this policy, the client will no longer be allowed to schedule appointments of any kind.


We make an effort to schedule our stylists the appropriate amount of time required for each service, but as with any client-based business, circumstances can vary. Showing up on time for scheduled appointments is critical to keeping our day running efficiently. Arriving 15 or more minutes late may result in forfeiture of the appointment or an adjustment to the scope of the service (example: a full foil may become a partial, or a wash, cut , and style may become a dry cut).


We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as cash payments. We also offer Vagaro Pay Later, which is subject to approval.  Gratuity may be added to card transactions, but cash is always preferred and appreciated. We do NOT accept personal checks. 


We follow all current Covid-19 guidelines. When masks are not required, we will gladly wear one at client request. 

Corrective Color:

Due to the extensive amount of work and potential complications, corrective color services have a starting price of $300 and will require a 50% deposit ($150) at time of scheduling. For new clients, a no cost consultation will be required to determine estimated appointment time based on desired outcome. 


Our main color line is PPD free, making it much less likely to cause allergic reactions to develop, but sensitivities to hair products are always possible. If you have a history of allergic reactions or any other concerns about sensitivity to any of our products, you may request a patch test to be performed 72 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. If a patch test is not requested, it will be considered forfeited, and Parlour will not be held liable for any potential reactions.

Policies: Policies
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